Summer Energy Savings

July 15 2022 / Uncategorized

Beat the Heat — and Your Air Conditioning Bill — This Summer

Did you know that, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Americans spend about
$11 billion each year on air conditioning? That might not be such a surprise if you’re the one
who writes the check for your household energy bill every month.

Believe it or not, you can spend less on cooling costs while still keeping cool in MN. Here are
five things to do before you reach to adjust the thermostat:

Make sure your house isn’t part of the problem. If your home isn’t insulated and sealed well,
warm air could be leaking in, sabotaging your efforts to cool things down. Make sure all cracks
and openings are sealed, along with your ducts. The DOE says air loss through ducts can account
for 30 percent of the energy a cooling system uses.

Keep that breeze flowing. Natural ventilation is a great way to decrease the temperature in
your home without using any energy. Open windows in the mornings or evenings when the air is
cool and get a cross-breeze going throughout the house.

Check that the heat isn’t on. You might be heating your house in the summer without
realizing it. How? By using the oven, stove or other appliances that generate heat. Cook outside
whenever you can, and use the dishwasher and clothes dryer at cooler times of the day if

Create your own personal cool zone. Cooling the whole house might not be necessary if
you’re only using a few rooms. Set up fans (ceiling fans will allow you to set your thermostat a
few degrees higher), drink plenty of cool liquids and eat cold foods, which can help lower your
body temperature. You might even consider wearing a damp shirt to stay comfortable or putting
an ice pack on your forehead, the back of your neck or your wrists.

Don’t forget the basics. When it’s sunny outside, keep your curtains closed. Minimize your
use of lights, as they generate heat. And, when the outside air is warmer than the air in your
house, close the windows to keep the cool air in.

We can’t promise these tips will keep you just as cool as when you kick back and turn on the AC
full-blast. But saving money every month? That’s pretty cool, too.