Top 5 tips for boating season

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Are you ready for boating season?

Every summer, clear choice insurance gets calls from our clients after a fun weekend on the lake but things might have taken a turn for the worst! Some of these could have been prevented with a few precautionary steps before heading out on the water. Just a few tips to keep you safe 🙂 Don’t let an accident wreck your fun!

life_jacketWear a life preserver – having life preservers on board is nice but that won’t save your life if it’s not on your body — wear them! At the time of an accident, there is a slim chance that you will have the time to access these. This rule is not just for children, yes adults as well, they may not look pretty but they will keep you safe. More people die in their 30s than any other age group when it comes to watercraft accidents. Life vests are looking better and better these days so you don’t necessarily have to look like Marty Micfly. They even make them for your 4 legged friends.

Keep an eye on the Back of the Boat – Carbon monoxide kills in minutes. Make sure to show your passengers where your exhaust pipes are located and while people are swimming turn your boat off, and don’t let passengers “ski” or “teak-surf” by holding on to the back of the boat. Both Washington and Oregon made teak-surfing illegal in the last few years, after several tragic deaths. Get yourself a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t already have one.most new boats come standard with these but older boats may not. You can pick one up for around $ 100.00 small price to pay to save a life.

Alcohol and Boating Don’t Mix – Over 50 percent of drownings are due to alcohol-related incidents on the water. You wouldn’t drive a car under the influence, so don’t drink while operating your boat.

Boats Need TLC Too – When you’re out on the water, make sure your gas tanks are vented and bilges are free of vapors, oil, waste, and grease. Always make sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand. Have your boat’s operating systems checked yearly by a certified marine technician. The Coast Guard Auxiliary and United States Power Squadrons also offer free vessel safety checks.

Experience Counts – The U.S. Coast Guard says that operator errors account for 70 percent of all boating accidents. Make sure anyone who will be driving your boat has the proper knowledge and training in order to drive. You can also earn boat insurance discounts from Safeco and other insurers if you complete a safety.


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