Classic car storage

January 14 2023 / Uncategorized

Storing a classic car through the winter

If you’re a classic car owner, surely you are committed to ensuring it stays in tip-top shape
throughout all the seasons, especially the winter when it most likely will be unused for a while.
Any period of inactivity requires a number of preparatory steps to prevent damage. The most
critical actions are what to look for in a storage location, what to do prior to storage, and how to
cover your beloved beauty.

Choose a storage location with care. Where you store your car might be the most important
factor in its winter survival. If you’re looking for a location that’s in the care of others, there are
a few critical questions to consider.

  • Is the storage location also considered a high-quality car-care specialist? If anything goes awry, you want to be sure your car is being taken care of by top-notch expert staff.
  • Is the location controlled for both humidity and climate? Both are essential elements in maintaining your car’s systems and aesthetics.
  • Is the storage facility on high security? Housing such valuable investments can make a less-than-secure storage location a target for theft.

Hire a professional to get it ready. There are more nooks and crannies on a classic car than
most can count. Make sure you get your car fully prepared by a professional who will address
fluids, brakes, joints, cooling and heating systems, and the like. Unless you are a professional-
grade do-it-yourselfer, it’s best to trust the pros.

Cover it up. Take great care in choosing a cover and make sure it’s a cotton flannel fabric, which
is more breathable and gentle than other fabrics.

We at Clear Choice Insurance Agency hope you – and your classic car – stay warm and safe this
winter season!