4 Tips to Help Cut Road Trip Costs

March 2 2018 / Auto Insurance


One of the best ways to see our beautiful country is a good old-fashioned road trip.

it’s also the ideal way of traveling if you are looking to keep costs on the low end. here are a few ideas to keep you having a good time without breaking the bank!

    1. Cut Your spending on gas. Plan your route beforehand it will help estimate your distance and spending for the entire trip. Then, while your cruising on the streets, use the GasBuddy smartphone app to search for the lowest gas prices near you. Of course, keep to the speed limit and check your tire pressure to ensure they are inflated to the recommended standard to help keep the gas mileage down.


    1. Cut your food costs. It can be easy to stop at the fast food joints on the way. But consider having a picnic or cooking your own food when you are able to. Packing healthy snacks beforehand won’t just save you money, it will also help keep you healthy and avoid this long drive-through lines. You’ll also be able to spend time exploring local markets and stores where you might just find your new favorite treat to share with your friends when you get home.


    1. Cut your lodging costs. Forget the hotel!! Book a “room” outdoors? If you can spare extra space in the trunk bring your camping gear. With today’s technology, most campsites now let you book online in advance. Keep an eye out for campgrounds with nice facilities, showers, rest areas even Wi-Fi, it will be like you never left home. you will save a lot by skipping the hotel costs. But If the outdoor life just isn’t for you, look for last-minute hotel deals using apps from Hotels.com, Priceline or Orbitz.


Cut your entertainment costs. Doesn’t matter where you’re headed, you should be able to find some exciting entertainment options that are either free or low-cost.  Start by Checking the official tourism websites of the cities and states on your planned route. Depending on the season, you might come across free concerts, lectures or plays at local parks and libraries. Or, check with museums about free admission days.


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